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uh uh ok so i finished my in fake light character! his name is red hare. tho in his past life he was jack holloway (haHaha get it because jack rabbit ok im shutting up). 

anyway so i’m not even gonna lie his backstory is based on texas chainsaw massacre hello im kelsey and im not sorry. so basically he and like five of his friends were taking a roadtrip across the states, and one of his friends felt sick so they stopped by the nearest house ahahaha in the middle of nowhere redneck country how fun. anyway bad shit went down obvs and they were p much kidnapped by a big creepy redneck family that like to hunt people like animals p much. so his friends all died around him and he tried to save them and failed until he was the last one left and he just got too scared to try to save his last friend and started running. and he kinda sprinted as far as he could but he was shot and dragged back alive by said rude rednecks, and then he was hung upside down and cut open/left to bleed out sort of like what people do when they hunt hares. did that even make sense who knows.

so… hare because running and the way he was hunted down and red because it supposedly represents excitement, energy, danger, fire, speed, blood, strength, and violence and that sort of deal.

his personality is pretty much the same as it was before; reckless, sarcastic, sassy, adventurous and stupid. he’s generally happy go lucky and always up to exploring shit lbr he was that guy that was like LETS GO INVESTIGATE THE SCARY HOUSE. also a big dork. and even though a lot of the time he says the wrong stuff and comes off rude he doesn’t really mean any harm. so he’s sort of a dipshit that runs everywhere and loves parkour and his newfound wings are extremely exciting to him. 

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